Office Friends (The Chamber Magazine)

The short story “Office Friends” is published in the Chamber Magazine, May 6, 2022 issue, a monthly dark fiction and poetry online magazine. Read the story online.

As the protagonist prepares for an important meeting in her corporate offices, she is over-powered by her senses. Is she imagining things or a reaction to stress?

I wanted to highlight the horrific elements of working in an office. What are the things that we put up with in corporate settings? Who might be in difficult situations? And why?

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One response to “Office Friends (The Chamber Magazine)”

  1. This is a really neat story in clear, concise, and easy-to-understand language, but, as the saying goes, still waters run deep and this story has a lot of depth. I particularly loved how Pauline deftly and smoothly handled the protagonist’s perspective without making it seem confused, awkward, or clumsy. This is an excellent short story.