• You’re Not Wrong (Murder on her Mind, Anthology)
    My horror short story You’re Not Wrong is featured in the international anthology Murder on her Mind Volume 1 from Wicked Shadow Press. Also, Murder On Her Mind Volume 2. (Amazon affiliate links). The story is about a single-mom burnt out by the demands of life, takes matters into her own hands. Written in an … Read more
  • Office Friends (The Chamber Magazine)
    The short story “Office Friends” is published in the Chamber Magazine, May 6, 2022 issue, a monthly dark fiction and poetry online magazine. Read the story online. As the protagonist prepares for an important meeting in her corporate offices, she is over-powered by her senses. Is she imagining things or a reaction to stress? I … Read more
  • Cutting Expectations (50-Word Stories)
    Please read on 50-Word Stories, published on May 5, 2022. My motivations to write the story. A summary of my internal dialogue while getting ghosted inside a friendship that I thought had been rekindled. I stayed in this person’s home for a few months: paid rent for the room, did the dishes, and hired a … Read more